Sharlene G.


I saw Andrew Dings first in 2018. I was pregnant and had severe back issues. I had tried massage, chiropractic treatment, medication, acupuncture, stretching, etc..and nothing worked. I was literally in tears every night from the pain. My obstritrian suggested physio and I lucked out and got Andrew when I called for an appointment. I had been walking around with an ice pack on my back and was going to go on sick leave, as I couldn’t deal with the pain at work. At the first appointment, Andrew was able to accurately diagnose the problem and provide treatment. I felt relief the same day and was able to function normally. I continued to see Andrew for a couple of sessions,even after having the baby, he gave me exercise to do that would strengthen the problem area. I later found himout that people call him the miricale man and I can completely understand why!!

Fast forward to 2020, and I just had my 3rd child. The same pain returned and I was in tears again and not sleeping. Andrew was again able to treat the issue quickly, providing me relief the same day. In addition, he and Kamil were very accommodating with me and the baby, ensuring we had everything we needed and were comfortable during the treatment session.

I would highly recommend Andrew and Kamil to anyone looking for a physiotherapist. Amazing and accurate results! Thank you both!!