Running Evaluation Ottawa, ON

Running Evaluation

What better way to see how someone runs than to go with them? At Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer a 2-part running assessment. One in-clinic session, where the therapist will ask you questions and identify whether there are certain dysfunctions or impairments that may need to be addressed; the second session is an on-track session, or outdoor session, where the therapist will meet you somewhere and watch you run / run with you. This way, we can see your natural running form and the conditions you will be in whether it be for recreational running, your next race or your big competition.

Ready to get started?

At Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic, our running evaluation and fitness training programs will help you live the active and healthy lifestyle you want. Our physiotherapists or registered massage therapists will design a treatment plan with the best exercises for effectively reaching your goals.

These exercises will be dependent upon which part(s) of your body are in need of training. This may include body weight exercises (such as squats, push-ups, or planks) or exercises using additional tools (such as barbells, resistance bands, exercise balls, or hand weights).

If you are interested in our running evaluation or fitness training programs, request an appointment today! We’ll get you on the right path toward reaching your health and fitness goals.